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Migraine Emergency Kit

A carefully-curated collection of relief for those instances when the inevitable “Migraine Attack” happens and you aren’t at home with access to heat or electricity (or your quiet dark bedroom for that matter). 



The minute my head starts pounding I ask my daughter to get me an ice pack from my migraine kit...The cooling packs provide instant pain relief... they are so refreshing!! It's like my brain says awww …../ don't know what I'd do with out them!


Everything in this kit is exactly what you need for a migraine.. from the peppermint oil to the scalp massager it couldn't be any more perfect I couldn't say enough good things about these kits…except why weren't you in my life 20 years ago??


These are a must have.., can't live with out them or leave the house with out one! I'll place an ice pack over the eye that is being affected by the migraine or the temple.. instant relief!